Cascade program

For The Cascade Program at Mount Vernon Senior Center Only


Due to a limited number of tax preparers at this site, your records will be scanned so that a counselor can work on them remotely

If married, both spouses must attend the appointment unless one is physically unable to do so. Masks are highly recommended, but not required this year.  We encourage you to review the COVID-19 screening protocols above prior to arriving at your appointments.

A volunteer will ask for your ID and documents that you have prepared ahead of time. The volunteer may ask questions so that we have all the information we need for your return. If everything is complete, your documents will be scanned so that they are available to our counselors when they prepare your return remotely. Your documents will be returned to you and then you may leave the site.  


A counselor will contact you soon after receiving your documents and will ask you questions in order to prepare your tax return.  This will occur over the telephone or by video conference if your computer has that capability.

A second counselor then will contact you to do a quality review (a double-check) of the return before it is completed.  This is done by telephone, video conference, or in person at your 2nd appointment.  


During your 1st appointment, you will be given a 2nd appointment to return to the tax site to sign your return.  At this 2nd appointment, your spouse (if any) must come with you to sign unless physically unable to do so.  You will be able to review a draft of your printed return at this time and ask any questions that you may have. Once you sign the return in the presence of our volunteer, the process is complete and you may leave the tax site.  Your return will be filed with the IRS electronically within 24 hours.